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Tortilla Sandwich
Tortilla Sandwich
What is it? A mixture of the Mexican and American heritage which once fused together creates the culture I grew up with. A culture where I watched every India Maria movie, my hero was El Chapulin Colorado, I had atole for breakfast, yet at the same time I never missed an episode of Saturday Night Live, my favorite meal was mom's meatloaf and I dreamed of being in the Ramones.

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July 29, 2005

Well guys, we all knew the time would come when I would say goodbye to this place. I was too lazy to figure out that whole blog publishing on my own, so I jumped at the chance when my local newpsaper offered me a chance to be one of their resident bloggers.

You should be redirected automatically to my new location, if not, you can find my musings here from now on:

Victoria Advocate: Blogs

Thanks for reading!!!!

CJ at 7/29/2005



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